Your Pet Painted Absolutely Any Way You Want
  • Real handmade oil portraits on canvas
  • Based on your photos and imagination
  • Immortalize your favorite pet or pets
"Absolutely blown away at the work done by Splendid Beast! I requested a custom painting of my sister and brother in-laws dog as Ripley from “Alien” and they absolutely nailed it! I could not be happier and my sister and brother in-law were so ecstatic when I gave it to them. Thanks again Splendid Beast!"
-Ashley N.
"Splendid Beast does fabulous work and makes the most beautiful and original product. The only limit is your imagination with what you can get. They did an amazing job with the portrait of my dog as Dumbledore in his office. I've got plans for a second portrait, this time of all my cats." -Pattie Lee
"Splendid Beast is absolutely wonderful. I came in with some vague idea of a Dali painting with melting cats, and they made it look even better than I could have imagined. I ordered three different paintings (two templates and the custom Dali) and they all came out beautifully. They look just like our pets, and they even captured their different personalities perfectly. The company was very communicative and great to work with. I gave them as gifts, and everyone was beyond thrilled. Highly recommend!" 
-Laney Hafter
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